Twisted Turtles and Poppable Parrots by Stretch the Balloon Dude

Posted by Administrator (dalhar2_wb) on Jan 23 2009
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Type: DVD

Stretch the Balloon Dude  - Wendell Clendennen "Stretch"

Twisted Turtles and Poppable Parrots

General information:
Multi-balloon figures. Doesn’t list run time.

Multi-balloon figures, medium to advanced

Cost and availaibility: 
T Meyers
Price is $40 plus shipping

Content  and summary: 
4 balloon alligator, 4 balloon .buffalo, 3 balloon butterfly, 4 balloon cat,  2 balloon claymore, 3 balloon cow.  4 balloon dragon, 3 balloon fish, 3 balloon frog, 4 balloon giraffe 3 balloon hammerhead shark. 3 balloon horse, 3 balloon Jet plane  2 balloon  machine gun, 3 balloon motorcycle, parrot and turtle

Reviewers personal opinions.
Lots of squeaks. In fact the noise is so bad it was hard to watch it once. Most of his figures would be great for decorations.  I can’t imagine having the time to make these things at a party or  line work.  I keep wondering how long it would take someone to destroy something that was this complicated.  This is nice stuff just not usable for the kind of work I do. Most of this stuff is great for decoration or show off.  I had fun trying many of these. If I get one or two new things I think it is worth the price of the DVD.  The cow and the machine gun both fit in that category.

Strengths and weaknesses.
These are really great show pieces.  If you want to show off your skills this is great stuff to take to an event or to use as decorations. If you are looking for a specific figure for a certain purpose Stretch may be the place to look.   Stretch uses both Qualatex and Betalatex balloons as well as multiple sizes: 160, 260, 360, hearts, rounds .

What I liked, what I didn’t like.
The camera work is great but the squeak is so distracting I could not watch this all in one sitting. I am not sure of the run time but it conatins a lot of figures and all done in great detail. I really like the claymore. It is more delicate then Patty Sorrell’s.  This is the first usable cow I have ever seen. The buffalo is okay but I like Mr. Rainbow's better.  The giraffe is cute and not hard to do but definitely more time consuming than a traditional giraffe. Nice Jet airplane. One of the things I didn’t like is the need to have so many balloons in so many different sizes. I am a sucker for all weapons and this machine gun is worth the price of admission.

Ashes test: 
Maybe, but probably not

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